Sole Representative : NIHONDEN KARATE DO SHOWAKAN ( JAPAN ) | Member : Karate Association of India
Recg. by : Govt. of India (Ministry of Youth Affair & Sprots), World Karate Federation & Asian Karate Do Federation
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History and Profile of Kancho /Shihan Matsumura Kazuo
  • In 1947, born in Nakano-ku Tokyo.
  • In 1970, graduated from Kokushikan University.
  • Shihan, the Chief Executive Master, Hachi Dan (8th Dan), Nihon Den Karate-Do Showakan,JKF Nana Dan (7 th Dan)
  • Kyoushi (The second highest title in the field of Japanese martial arts.

Official qualifications by Japan Karate-Do Federation (JKF)

    • JKF Nana Dan (8th Dan)
    • JKF 2 nd Class Qualification Examiner
    • JKF National Kata Judge
    • JKF National Kumite Refree

Official Qualification of Japan Sports Association (JASA)

  • JASA Coach IV
  • JASA official Sports Instructor (Upper Grade)
  • Officaial Examiner for Fitness Test

Roles / Titles in Nihon Karate-Do Rengokai*

  • Standing Director
  • Central Technical Committee
  • Standing Secretary in Kanto Region

*Note: Nihon Karate-Do Rengokai is one of the largest karate organization in Japan. It consists of several individual organizations and groups of Karate and is also a partner of Japan Karate-Do Federation.


The Other Roles / Titles:

  • Chairman of Dan Committee of Kanagawa Prefecture Karate-Do Federation
  • Standing Director of Kanagawa Prefecture Karate-Do Federation
  • Advisor of Sagamihara City Karate-Do Association
  • Chief Instructor of Karate-Do Club in Kanagawa Prefectural Kamitsuruma High School

Activities and Achievements

  • Refereeing in the 53 rd National Sports Festival of Japan
  • Champion of Kanagawa in Sports Masters Japan between 2001 and 2003.
  • 5 th Place in Sports Masters Japan in 2001
  • Champion in Sports Masters Japan in 2002.
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