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Recg. by : Govt. of India (Ministry of Youth Affair & Sprots), World Karate Federation & Asian Karate Do Federation
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Karate for Girls & Kids

Self defense empowers women with skills and confidence to manage their way out of any unpleasant situation and also to keep fit.

# 1 self-defense- the core
Women are often the targets of serious crimes because of their perceived inability to fight back and as a result; the Karate can help them with techniques of self-defense, if any unpleasant situation arises.

# 2 self-control-the fundamental
Karate teaches self control as the very base of the practice and principle. Women can benefit in learning how to control their negative emotions and become focused.

# 3 self-esteem-the heart
Every skill adds to the confidence of the person learning it. Karate can help women feel great as they understand that they are now capable of self defense if the situation ever demands and also earning each next belt also gives the sense of achievement.

# 4 self stress management- the focus
The physical activity and spiritual outlook of karate gives women the work out which their tired body and mind need to manage their multitasking lives as they are constantly juggling homes, children, careers etc

#self fitness- the result
In the times today when every woman wants to stay fit and in shape, Karate also provides an excellent workout for the entire body. It increases muscle strength, balance and flexibility. In addition, one can get a great cardiovascular workout. Karate is the total mind, body and soul nourishment that keeps women ready to face life with their best foot forward...



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