Sole Representative : NIHONDEN KARATE DO SHOWAKAN ( JAPAN ) | Member : Karate Association of India
Recg. by : Govt. of India (Ministry of Youth Affair & Sprots), World Karate Federation & Asian Karate Do Federation
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History and Profile of Kamlesh Patel

Sensei Kamlesh Patel
Chief Instructor, Chief Examiner & Technical Director of India / South Asia

  • Black Belt 6th Dan, Shitoryu Showakan
  • Belk Belt 5th Dan (W.K.F. & A. I.K.F.)
  • Refree and Judge

Expert in TAEFUDO Martial Art (Unarmed Combat), Yoga & Pranayam, Reiki Grand Master, certified course in Food & Nutrition (IGNOU). Knowledge of Judo, Ekaido, Dragon Art and Kubudo Weapons (Karate).

Kamlesh Patel the sole representative of Nihon den karate do showakan (Japan), has amassed a great wealth of expertise, experience and enthusiastic students, whom he believes to be his real investment.

His background reflects his dedication to martial arts as he started learning at very small age. when karate as sports was not very popular.

He took the training for the south Indian martial arts. Along with Judo & Aikido. Having mastered the art of wielding, weapons like Nan Chaku, tonfa, baton, keto, bo, he also studied in depth the Chinese martial arts like pressure point method.

He pioneered the concept of karate training as a part of school activity. He inculcated the love for karate in students with expert demonstrations in schools & institutes.

He took the support of NGO's, social organization & trusts to encourage learning of self defense art by women and contributed by organizing free camps and motivating women to engage in their own defense and become confident.

His List of affiliation & achievements is testimony enough to his talents , dedication to martial arts and towards fulfilling his duties to society.

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